MN semi driver leads Iowa State Patrol on high speed chase

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A Minnesota semi-truck driver was arrested after leading Iowa State Troopers on a high speed chase through West Central Iowa this morning.  Iowa State Patrol Trooper Ryan Devault said the chase began on Interstate 80 in Adair County. "The semi driver took an evasive action around our trooper then continued on to the interstate at a higher rate of speed than the trooper originally had him at. It became apparent at that point and time the driver was trying to elude law enforcement." The chase reached speeds of 90 miles an hour at times and ended some 40 miles away near [...]

Walz to announce loosened COVID restrictions

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"Governor, you need to give us a chance.  We really need to be given a chance to open up our places to capacity." ...says Tony Chesak with the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, as Governor Tim Walz prepares to announce (noon) that he's relaxing COVID restrictions.  It's likely that Walz will schedule re-opening in phases based on vaccination progress, with Minnesota totally open sometime this summer -- some speculate by the 4th of July.  But it's also likely the governor will keep the peacetime emergency declaration in place so Minnesota can continue receiving federal funds for vaccination sites -- and in case [...]

Former U-S Attorney for MN on Chauvin defense request for retrial

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Former U-S Attorney for Minnesota Tom Heffelfinger says the defense's request for Derek Chauvin to get a new trial is not surprising. "I don't know whether they will succeed in reversing the case, and I don't know that they will succeed at this time, but I do think individually and cumulatively these are motions that are based on fact." Attorney Eric Nelson cited prosecutorial and judicial misconduct as two of the reasons for the request. Nelson is also requesting a hearing to impeach the verdict based "on the grounds that the jury committed misconduct."  Chauvin was convicted last month on three [...]

Influential Republican says recreational marijuana bill has better chance of passing due to tax relief measure

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An influential Republican says a measure he put on a House bill to legalize recreational marijuana increases the possibility of it being signed into law this year.   It requires all extra tax revenue from legalized cannabis sales go into a tax relief account, and Farmington Representative Pat Garofalo says: "It's a really strong movement in a direction that I think conservatives like -- that we're not really interested in seeing marijuana legalized for the purposes of growing government and spending more money." -- but instead lowering taxes.  Garofalo says if they continue to improve the bill there could be a strong [...]

Lawmakers considering $20 penalty for missed drivers license test appointments

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Those seeking drivers licenses who don't show up for their knowledge- or road-test appointments would be charged a 20-dollar penalty -- Minnesota House and Senate negotiators gave thumbs-up Wednesday for inclusion in a state budget bill.  Waseca Republican John Petersburg: "I'm aware of people that have done multiple appointments in different stations around the area and then, when it came to that day, picked the one they wanted and left the others kinda hanging." But Mankato Democrat Luke Frederick contends the state should cut some slack to those with legitimate reasons for not keeping their road-test or knowledge-test appointments.   Officials estimate [...]

“Don’t Click The Link”

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"Don't click the link." That's the new warning from the Postal Service as fake text messages are being sent.  They contain a link claiming to be from the government.  It's called a "smishing" scam, where people are lured into giving their sensitive and personal information.  The Postal Service assures it won't send texts or emails to customers unless they request to track a package.  And even then, it will never contain a link.

City of North Mankato Announces Webster Avenue Area Plan

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The City of North Mankato has completed the Draft Webster Avenue  Area Plan to guide redevelopment in one of the City’s major gateways. Staff are now looking for  assistance from area residents by reviewing the plan and providing feedback. The purpose of the study is to: 1. Examine land use around Webster Avenue identifying redevelopment and revitalization  opportunities. 2. Outline a shared vision by the City, citizens, businesses, and property owners. 3. Provide a framework for investment and policy consistent with City of North Mankato  goals. The following are ways for residents to provide feedback for the study. 1. Review the [...]

COVID Pushes Fairmont to Seek Better Timing to Host Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener

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After lengthy and thoughtful debate, the Visit Fairmont Board of Directors has decided that they cannot proceed with hosting the 2021 Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener. The decision to submit an application to host this event was made in 2019.  It was announced in October of 2019 that Fairmont was selected to host the 2020 Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener.  In August of 2020, Governor Walz postponed the event until 2021.

SCC President Testifying Before U.S. Congress

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South Central College (SCC) President Annette Parker will be testifying at a hearing of the U.S. House Committee on Small Business’s Subcommittee on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Workforce Development on Thursday, May 6 at Noon CST (1 p.m. EST). The hearing will be aired live online at   Parker was asked to testify at the hearing on “Growing Jobs through Infrastructure Investment” based on her broad higher education workforce development experience and South Central College’s success with public-private partnerships

Hundreds Of Minnesota Residents To Be Sworn In Today As U.S. Citizens

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(St. Paul, MN)  --  State officials say over 800 Minnesota residents will be sworn in today as U.S. Citizens.  The ceremony is scheduled to take place around 10 a.m. at the St. Paul RiverCentre.  The U.S. Citizenship ceremony, also sometimes known as the oath ceremony, takes about two-hours and is the final stage of the U.S. citizenship process.  During the ceremony, new citizens will sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge of Allegiance before taking an Oath to defend the Constitution in front of a federal judge.

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