Mankato-Get involved in local government by applying online to serve on a Mankato board or commission. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit applications by Monday, April 4, however, applications are accepted any time.

Boards and commissions generally meet monthly (unless noted otherwise) and make recommendations to the Mankato City Council about their respective service areas. The following committees have vacancies:

  • Charter Commission: Review and suggest resolutions regarding issues related to the Charter. This commission is an independent body and members are appointed by the Chief Judge of the Fifth Judicial District.
    The Charter Commission meets annually or as needed.
  • Heritage Preservation Commission: Recommend promoting and preserving Mankato’s historic neighborhoods, including designations of buildings and places significant to City’s heritage.
    Those interested in applying to the Heritage Preservation Commission must have demonstrated an interest in the historical, cultural or architectural development of the City, own property within a heritage preservation district, or be a preservation-related professional, which includes people involved in the building trades.
  • Planning Commission: Evaluate proposed planning and zoning requests, including variances from the City Code, conditional use permits and rezoning applications. Other responsibilities include subdivision review, review of proposed ordinance changes and assisting in updating the Comprehensive Plan.

Volunteers are appointed to serve a three-year term. Community member input is important when making City decisions.