Although weather determines the schedule, leaf pick-up generally begins when the majority of leaves are on the ground and runs for approximately four weeks (for budgeting purposes). This year’s leaf vacuuming is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 25 through Friday, November 19. Prior to the start of leaf pick-up, community members may see leaf vacuuming machines in their neighborhood. City staff test the machines prior to use to ensure they are working.

Leaves are vacuumed on the day after garbage pick-up. Simply place leaves in the street in wind rows along curb (no piles). It’s important to keep sticks and branches out of the leaves because they may break the leaf vacuum machine, which can slow down the process. Community members with homes on a corner lot are asked to pull leaves from the street corner because the leaf vacuum machine turns too wide to pick up leaves left on the corner. 

Leaf vacuuming is an added-value utility service. The leaf vacuum removes leaves and then chops and compacts them in a self-contained mechanism. The chopped, compacted leaves are then recycled as mulch. A goal is to schedule leaf pick-up during the annual “Rake the Town,” sponsored by VINE, between October 23 and November 7.