The Center of the American Experiment’s statewide tour is in Hibbing this morning (730-0am),  warning about controversial “critical race theory” being taught in some Minnesota classrooms — but a noon stop in Duluth was postponed after objections from the local N-Double-A-C-P.   Activist Classie Dudley called it “nothing other than an act of hate speech”:

“For all of you who are saying Duluth is not a racist place, this is overt white supremacy taking place in Duluth,… 2021.”

Conference speaker Catrin Wigfall says there are ways to teach American history regarding race without “critical race theory”:

“America had slavery, that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, Native American history, the fact that we have a history of red-lining — these are all facts.   The problem with critical race theory is it puts a race-based lens on everything.”

A Tuesday night session in Moorhead sparked a large disturbance that police had to break up.