“There are people out there that know what happened that night.”

Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Captain Paul Barta.

Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Captain Paul Barta said that although there was a blinding blizzard on the night of Saturday, February 23 someone has the information that will lead them to the killer or killers that assaulted 76-year-old Evelyn Adams in her rural Mankato home.

He said dispatch got the first 911 call from a neighbor just before 11:00 p.m. and, “The individual that called in was uncertain if there was one person or two. So, we know at least one person, obviously, but to say that there was two is not an absolute certainty.”

Investigators say 76-year-old Evelyn Adams died days after she was in her rural Mankato home.

Soon after that initial call, Barta said Adams herself called to report the assault and, “She was able to provide a statement to investigators both at the hospital and to speak with them at the scene so she was coherent at the time of the initial investigation.”

At the outset, Barta noted that they didn’t think her injuries were life-threatening and, “We had no real indication at that point that she would succumb to her injuries a few days later on. Evelyn does end up dying at the hospital on Thursday, February 28 and we have conducted so far in excess of 50 interviews.”

Barta is asking anyone with factual information about the home invasion and assault to contact the sheriff’s department and for the killer or killers to come forward. “The longer it takes for us to get folks associated with this…held accountable the less favorable it is for them in the long run,” he said, “So now is the time to come forward with the information or the responsibility of what happened.” Those with information are asked to call (507) 304-4863.

Some persons of interest have been identified but Barta explained that they don’t have enough concrete information yet to term any of them suspects.

He added that the heavy snowfall that night may have hampered witness identification of a vehicle seen near the home on Union Street in South Bend Township at the time of the assault, and while it was initially believed to be an SUV he now said it could have been a passenger car.

Adams was remembered at a funeral service earlier this week as an active and kind member of the community with a strong volunteerism background.