Review: Verdi's 'Requiem' rendered with all of its passion, power

    In the midst of our extended cold snap, when the promise of spring can seem hopelessly buried beneath the ice, the last thing that winter-weary Minnesotans may want is an urgent reminder of the inescapability of death. But please don't let such understandable aversions keep you from visiting Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall this weekend. For you will find there one of the year's most inspiring performances.

    'Land of 10,000 Paintings' Artist Brian Stewart traveled the state to paint images outdoors and on location

    When artist Brian Stewart came up with the idea for his latest exhibit, he had Minnesota on his mind. After receiving a $10,000 grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, he got to work exploring the state in search of things that sparked his interest. From state parks to backyard clotheslines, Stewart found plenty of inspiration for "Land of 10,000 Paintings" -- a collection of 40 plein air and studio paintings celebrating the state's regions, seasons and people.

    Dress that 'greatly resembles' stolen Nyong'o gown recovered

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A white dress that strongly resembles the custom gown taken from Lupita Nyong'o's hotel room earlier this week turned up Friday under a bathroom sink in the same hotel, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's official said.

    Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies

    In 1975, Leonard Nimoy published an autobiography with the defiant title, "I Am Not Spock" — an attempt to show the world he had many more facets than the pointy-eared character that had come to define him.