Second Degree Murder charge brought against Montgomery teen in father's shooting death

by Wendy Wilde KTOE Radio Mankato News

January 8, 2014

A charge of Murder in the Second Degree was brought in Le Sueur County Criminal Court against 18-year old Jonas David Nelson of Montgomery for this father's death.

According to the complaint obtained by KTOE News, Nelson called 911 the night his father was shot, and said he needed to report a murder.

Nelson told the dispatch Center that his dad was lying on the living room floor and appeared dead.  

A Sheriff's Department release identified the deceased male as 47-year old Richard Nelson, the father of the suspect.

The criminal complaint goes on to say that Jonas Nelson told investigators that he was upstairs in his bedroom when he heard a noise at about 10:30pm that sounded like a gunshot through a window.  He says he went downstairs and found his father appearing dead on the floor with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

Jonas Nelson told investigators, later, that his father "can be very harsh when he wants to be," and said that things had been "weird" since he moved back in with his dad in Montgomery a few months ago.

At one point, investigators told Nelson that he needed to tell the truth, and he told them that what he had said was about 90-percent of the truth, and then confessed to killing his father with a rifle from one of the gun cabinets.

Le Sueur County Prosecutor Brent Christian confirms that bail was set at two-million dollars with general conditions.  Jonas Nelson was represented by attorney Richard Lea, a Public Defender. 

A conviction for Murder in the Second Degree carries up to 40 years imprisonment. 


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