“Disappointing,” says a group representing Greater Minnesota cities about Governor Tim Walz’s proposed budget having only 30 million dollars in state aid to cities, when they say 150 million is needed to hold down property taxes and ensure high-quality services.  The governor responds 300 million dollars in his budget would go to cities for public safety, plus he has significant new funding for what 10 mayors texted him about the other night:

“The thing they focused on:  housing — the absolutely fundamental change that will make for them in their communities and the impact that it would make on them.”

Bradley Peterson with the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities responds funding for public safety and housing is…

…”a nice sort of thing, but it doesn’t go to every city… and, again, it’s one-time money.”

Peterson says the last big increase in state aid to cities was 80 million dollars back in 2013.  He says with the state’s historically-large budget surplus they expected something “certainly something north of that.”