Governor Tim Walz unveils his complete state budget plan tomorrow (Tues), after giving Minnesotans a glimpse of key parts last week.  Twelve billion dollars —  about 43 percent of the state’s long-term projected budget surplus — would go for education, child care and family tax credits, plus free school lunch and breakfast for all students regardless of income:

“This budget, we’ll tackle and eliminate child poverty, put money into families’ pockets and fund our schools.”

“It’s a tired solution from a governor who just… (is) paying back his union friends for the help they gave him in the election.”

Bill Walsh with Center of the American Experiment says half of Minnesota students are not reading at grade level and the governor’s solution is, more money.  Walz’s four-billion-dollar economic development proposal includes paid family and medical leave plus 276 million dollars to “finish the job” on high-speed internet in rural Minnesota:

“People who are betting against Minnesota, that’s a bad bet….  As others (are) coming out of the pandemic, we’re doubling down.”

Look for details tomorrow on other major areas of the governor’s state budget plan.