Bills to put abortion rights into Minnesota law will be the first ones introduced in the Minnesota Senate (11am) and House (1215pm) on this second day of session, as Democratic leaders push for quick passage.  House Speaker Melissa Hortman:

“I believe we have to go through three committees in both the House and the Senate, so… as quickly as we can process through those committees and get it passed into law.”

Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic says abortion rights…

“We heard about that at the doors (during the campaign)… so that is important and so we will be moving on that bill.”

But Democrats have only a one-vote majority in the Senate, meaning “yes” votes are needed even from conservative D-F-Lers.  And Minority Leader Lisa Demuth (DAY-muth) says in the House…

“It really comes down to committees and when we take the vote on bills — and so we’ll see how much unity there is.”

Demuth says House Republicans are very proud to be a pro-life caucus.