Today (Mon) is the deadline for Minnesotans to file for 2020 (not 2021!) property tax refunds and renter’s credits.  Ryan Brown with the state Revenue Department says:

“The average refund for a homeowner right now is about a thousand dollars and for renters it’s around 700, so it’s a sizeable chunk of change for a lot of people.  We want to make sure that they file those returns before the deadline.”

Taxpayers have another year, until August 15th, 2023, to file for their *2021* property tax refund and/or renter’s credit.

And if someone has already filed, how soon can they expect their refund?  Brown says the bulk of refunds currently being issued are for renters:

“Homeowners, if they filed before July 1st for that 2021 refund, will start seeing their refunds hit late August and into September.”