The Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate is threatening to *not* give the University of Minnesota any funding from a supplemental higher education bill, unless the Board of Regents establishes a special commission to address students’ and parents’ concerns about some athletics programs being cut at the “U.”  Republican Senator Jason Rarick from Pine City:

“I didn’t want to tie up funding to the University of Minnesota to this….  I wanted them to respond to what the people of Minnesota are asking them to do.  They failed!”

Saint Cloud Democrat Aric Putnam says he also wants a special commission, but withholding funding from the U-of-M as a whole doesn’t make a lot of sense:

“When you look at the funding that goes to the U, that’s for everything that happens there.  It’s for teachers.  It’s for… public safety.  It’s for everything that happens there.”

The Board of Regents voted in 2020 to cut the men’s gymnastics, tennis, and indoor track programs because of a budget deficit and concerns over complying with Federal of Title 9 requirements.