The community came together in Duluth to Sunday to remember four family members killed in a murder-suicide.   Forty-seven-year-old Sean Barry, 44-year-old Riana, 12-year-old Shiway and nine-year-old Sadie were fatally shot by a relative on April 20th.  Dom from Fairbanks,  Alaska lived with Sean and Riana in a ten-by-16-foot cabin for several years:

“Uh, It was a small cabin, but they never made me feel like I wasn’t welcome.”

Dom says he wrote down some thoughts the night he heard the tragic news:

“I am with you Sean, Riana, Shiway and Sadie….and you will always be with me.”

Sean’s brother, Brian, said the last ten days have been hard and he isn’t sure they would have been able to “hold it together” without the support of everyone there.