Le Sueur County Sheriff Brett Mason reports that the cause of the February 26th, 2022 explosion and fire located at 35533 211th Avenue, Le Center (Montgomery Township) which caused the death of Kailey Lynn Mach, age 20, has been determined

Mason reports that on April 21st, 2022, Investigators from the Le Sueur County Sheriff Office, the Minnesota State Fire Marshals Office and various private Fire Cause and Origin Investigators met at the property and conducted an in-depth examination of the scene

Mason advises that as part of that examination, Investigators pressure tested and excavated the LP gas line that supplied gas from the LP Tank to the residence; ultimately the examination revealed a leak in the gas line, just outside the residence and the leak allowed the LP Gas to leak into the dirt/ground, the leaking gas then migrated through the ground to the basement foundation and into the basement level, where eventually enough of the LP Gas built-up and was ignited, causing the explosion and fire.