The Minnesota Department of Transportation honored those who gave their lives working on roads and bridges in the state.   MnDOT spokesman J-P Gillach says Governor Tim Walz declared April 28th as Worker Memorial Day:

“It’s a day that MnDOT takes to pause for a moment and remember those who have been killed or injured on the job. Since 1960 there’s been 51 MnDOT contractors or employees who have been killed while working on Minnesota roads.”

Gillach says 2011 is the last time a MnDOT employee died in a work zone.  He’s asking drivers to slow down, move over and go the speed limit through construction zones.

“The last MnDOT employee who died on the job was Mike Struck.  He was 39 years old. That happened in March 2011 near Highway 169 between Mankato and St. Peter.)”

Thirty-five MnDOT workers and 16 contractors have lost their lives on Minnesota highways since 1960.  Gillach says he wants to thank the majority of Minnesotans who drive safely through work zones.