Funding for more police officers and tougher penalties for serious crimes — the focus of Republicans’ public safety bill that’s up for a vote today (11am start) in the GOP-controlled Minnesota Senate.  Majority Leader Jeremy Miller:

“Our proposal includes a ‘three strike’ law.  Guess what?  If you break the law three times, there should be consequences  — especially, especially if you’re a repeat offender.”

House Democrats have a much different focus — prevention.  New Hope Representative Cedrick Frazier says communities need more services for mental health and housing stability, plus after-school programs:

“That’s the way we should be focused.   That is providing resources to ensure that we have safe communities, not only today, not only tomorrow, but in the long term as well.”

Whether the two sides can find a compromise remains to be seen, as the legislative clock ticks down to May 23rd adjournment.