The Minnesota Senate’s Transportation Committee on Tuesday considered a bill (Senate File 668) authored by Senator Julie Rosen (R-Fairmont) that would provide $510,000 to help the city of Madison Lake design and construct water and lighting infrastructure along Highway 60, and to line the sanitary sewer pipes along Lake Avenue in the city of Madison Lake.

“Madison Lake is a great community with a serious need for these infrastructure improvements, but they simply don’t have the resources to get it done on their own,” Sen. Rosen said. “I am optimistic we can get it done in this year’s transportation bill.”

Highway 60 is the lifeblood of Madison Lake. MnDOT designed and completed an overhaul of the deteriorating highway in 2021, but MnDOT does not contribute lighting except at county road intersections, leaving several gaps along the corridor. In addition, infrastructure underneath the highway needs upgrades and replacements. The city is unable to bear these heavy, but necessary, costs.

Jason Femrite, Madison Lake’s City Engineer, testified in support of the bill.

Watch the presentation here: