Seventh District Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach, back from an official trip to Poland, says that nation along with Romania and the surrounding countries are “really looking to help Ukraine win this any way they can.”  Fischbach says humanitarian aid is always something the U-S can help with:

“Some regulations that they were concerned with, that was somewhat hindering getting that aid in with some of the organizations.  So we’re gonna be addressing some of that if we possibly can on the federal level, as we look at who we can get in contact with to make sure that’s happening.”

Fischbach was in a group led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that met with Poland’s prime minister and its defense minister, and visited refugees and American troops at the Ukrainian border.  Fischbach says Poland took in 2.5 million refugees and, although the flow has slowed down, there are still people coming over the border.