Governor Tim Walz defended his proposal for one-time payout checks to Minnesotans. Walz wants to distribute so-called “Walz Checks”–payments of $500 to tax filers 18 and over and $1,000 for married couples. With a nine-billion-dollar state surplus, Republican leaders say Minnesotans have been overtaxed, but Walz counters:

“We do not have a surplus because taxes went down over the last three years, there were no taxes raised, so the argument is when you have a stimulus because you overtaxed on this the question would be spending habits change and state government spending actually went down during this time, some of it intentionally some of it due to COVID.”

“Walz Checks” have been called a “gimmick” by state Republicans who are proposing more permanent tax cuts for Minnesotans. Of the Walz checks, the governor today said “call them what you want to.”