Springtime brings warmer temperatures and blooming trees. But, for close to 1 in 3 Minnesotans, it also brings annoying seasonal allergies.  Mayo Clinic allergist Dr. Alexi Gonzalez Estrada says there are steps you can take to protect yourself. He says the telltale signs of allergies are easy to spot:

“Itchy, watery eyes; itchy, watery nose; nasal congestion.”

And pollen is the most common culprit:

“Pollen affects people in the springtime because that’s when trees start pollinating and it’s such a small particle that goes through your nose and affects your upper airway.”

Dr. Gonzalez Estrada says there are over-the-counter and prescription medicines you can take to treat allergies, as well as getting allergy shots in more extreme cases.  But the easiest thing to do, he says, is avoid or limit exposure.