Annually, YWCA affiliates throughout the nation participate in Stand Against Racism as a way of helping community members understand various components of racism and how they can actively participate in its elimination. 

YWCA Mankato is proud to announce they will be hosting a 21-Day Stand Against Racism Challenge in partnership with Presenting Sponsor, the Greater Mankato Diversity Council. The challenge is designed to raise awareness surrounding the impact of social inequities. 

People can register for the challenge on the YWCA website: Then, starting on April 4th, they will receive a daily email with links to podcasts, articles, and videos and a link to a private discussion group. The group is moderated by trained racial justice facilitators who will be there to ensure a safe place in which to discuss some of the topics. Finally, participants will receive actionable steps to work towards a more inclusive and equitable community. 

Kim Danger, YWCA Interim Executive Director, says, “This challenge will increase awareness and understanding of racial justice. Through the daily assignments, participants will have the opportunity to learn and reflect on issues that are relevant to our community today. By providing a moderated online discussion group, we are giving participants an opportunity to discuss these topics in a safe space ” She goes on to say, “We need to normalize these conversations and approach them from a place of mutual respect and a desire for unity.” 

“I believe that each one of us has the chance to make a change in the community that we live in,” aded Mohamed Alsadig, Director of the Greater Mankato Diversity Council. “Whether it’s helping a new settler in the community find their way around or a group who are trying to find a way to co-exist. Standing Against Racism is, by all means, is another tool for individuals to show their support and sincerity to make a change in their community. “It takes a village to raise a child.” This community is our child. Let’s make sure it grows kind and strong.” 

Participation is free, and people can sign up at

YWCA Mankato’s mission focuses on racial and gender justice issues. For more information about Stand Against Racism or the mission’s work, please contact Kim Danger, Interim Executive Director, at [email protected] This year’s campaign is also sponsored by Gustavus Adolphus College, South Central College, and Mankato Area Foundation.