Since December of 2021 Agents with the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force have been investigating 33 year old Dominique Lamar Breham for controlled substance sales.  On two occasions, Breham sold cocaine to an informant under the direction of the MRVDTF.  On 03/02/22, DTF Agents located Breham driving his vehicle.  The vehicle was stopped by MDPS Officers and Breham was arrested.  Agents located 16 small blue pills that were identified as counterfeit 30mg oxycodone, commonly referred to as “Mbox 30’s.” Counterfeit oxycodone pills contain dangerous amounts of fentanyl and have been responsible for causing opioid overdose deaths in this area and around the state.  

A passenger in the vehicle, 20 year old Isabella Hoogland, was also arrested for drug possession.  

Breham was released from prison in August of 2021 after a 2017 arrest by the MRVDTF for weapons and cocaine possession.  Breham is currently on Intensive Supervised Release from the Minnesota Department of Corrections.  The DOC had Breham’s probation transferred to Chicago, which is where he was supposed to be residing.  MRVDTF Agents were aware that Breham was living in the Mankato area for the last several months.  

Breham is in the Blue Earth County Jail on charges of 2nd Degree Controlled Substance Sales.  Hoogland is facing charges of 5th Degree Possession.