Thursday, the Minnesota House of Representatives approved HF 2900, giving frontline workers up to $1,500 in bonus pay for their role in helping to protect Minnesotans during the pandemic.


State Representative Luke Frederick (DFL-Mankato) reacted to passage:


“The Minnesota House is focused on workers and the frontline worker bonus pay is one of our priorities. During the pandemic, we learned how important these workers are to keeping our economy up and running. Today, I joined my colleagues to pass this bill and now it’s the Senate’s turn to pass the bill and get it to the governor for his signature. The sooner we get these funds to our dedicated frontline workers, the better.”


The bill dedicates $1 billion for bonus payments to thousands of frontline workers. Those eligible include long-term and home care workers, non-physician health care workers, teachers, and school staff, first responders, janitorial, maintenance, and security workers, bus drivers, child care workers and more.