Opponents say a Republican-sponsored bill that would allow nurses to work in multiple states through a national “compact” is not a long-term fix for Minnesota’s nurse shortage — that the problem is hospitals forcing nurses to do more with less until they’ve given all they can.  Wendy Wahl, nurse at Sanford Health in Thief River Falls:

“Nurses are leaving the bedside and, as we walk away, it seems the question is not, why are they walking away and what can we do to make them stay? but instead seeking to replace us with temporary, out-of-state workers.”

Some opponents call it union-busting.  Val Riley with Fresenius Medical Care responds many nurses support Minnesota joining a national “compact”:

“I am one of over 100-thousand R-Ns in the state of Minnesota, and we’re not here to bust a union.  My father was a union member.”