Mankato FFA Alumni and Supporters is holding its second annual meeting on February 21, 2022 at 7PM at Mankato East High School, Room 202. A presentation will be given providing a recap of 2021 for  Mankato FFA Alumni and Supporters and Mankato FFA as well as plans for 2022. Election of officers  will also take place. Please call Nathan at 507-327-5299 or e-mail [email protected]. Any  person interested in supporting Mankato FFA is invited and one need not have been part of FFA to join  us. 

In its third year, Mankato FFA continues to grow by leaps and bounds such that a second ag teacher  was hired through private funding. Mankato FFA Alumni and Supporters is proud to have provided  almost $2,000.00 in scholarships to 3 Mankato Area Pubic Schools seniors pursuing education in Ag  Food and Natural Resources (AFNR). 

Mankato FFA Alumni and Supporters is a chartered local chapter of the Minnesota FFA Alumni and  Supporters that in turn is chartered by the National FFA Organization. The mission of this organization  is to support the Mankato FFA Chapter by promoting it, providing engagement and professional  development opportunities for its members as well as promote greater knowledge of ag industry and  support ag education.