Legislation related to crime is expected to come out of the Minnesota legislative session this year. Scott Cutcher, the chief public defender for the fifth district expects a specific law to be put on the books related to car jacking. Cutcher says even though there isn’t a specific law related to car jacking, those convicted of doing so do face prison time.

“It a first-degree aggravated robbery, so even without a criminal record, someone is going to prison for at least 48 months if they’re convicted,” said Cutcher.

Cutcher says stronger punishments don’t always lead to less crime

“I keep hearing stronger punishments, stronger punishments,” said Cutcher. “So, we’re likely going to put more people in prison. But that’s doesn’t solve the underlying issues that are leading to crime in the first place.”

Cutcher expects no-knock warrants to be specifically examined after the death of Amir Locke in Minneapolis, but he does not expect them to go away completely.