Minnesota House Democrats are trying to entice Senate Republicans into beefing-up funding for front-line worker COVID bonuses, by offering GOP lawmakers some of what they want to avoid business tax increases.  Democrats propose one billion dollars to replenish the COVID-depleted Unemployment Insurance Fund but also signal that, in exchange, they want one billion dollars for bigger COVID bonuses for more workers — something Republicans are resisting:

“Whatever we do, we have to make sure that we’re honoring our workers.  We cannot put the sole focus and take care of our business(es). ”

…says New Hope Democrat Cedrick Frazier.  But Red Wing Republican Barb Haley says Democrats’ one-billion-dollars to replenish the Unemployment Insurance Fund is not enough:

“This bill solves only part of the problem.  The bill doesn’t address returning the (Unemployment Insurance Trust) Fund to solvency.”

Senate Republicans propose 2.7 billion dollars — nearly three times what House Democrats are offering.