Republican Senator Warren Limmer from Maple Grove: “Is this a kinder and gentler legislature now?”

Flanagan:  “We hope so.”

Walz:  “We’re starting out  on a sweet note.  You see, there’s a lot of room for compromise in there.”

Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan brought lemon bars and scotch-a-roo’s to lawmakers this first day of the 2022 session, but it didn’t squelch Republicans’ appetite for tax relief much greater than the governor proposes.  Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller says if it’s a one-time payment…

“It’s not gonna be a check that barely scratches the surface of inflation — or, our proposal is permanent, ongoing tax relief, so Minnesotans see more money in their pockets every single paycheck.”

The governor responds tax relief for working people and the middle class *is* in his budget proposal:

But what’s off the table is, if you’re making 20 thousand dollars a week, nothing is gonna pass my desk that gives you a tax cut.  That just doesn’t make any sense.”