Democrats’ and Republicans’ differences over using the state’s record 7.7-billion-dollar budget surplus are in even-sharper focus now that the 2022 legislative session is under way.  Senate Republican Majority Leader Jeremy Miller says the governor’s tax rebate plan is nowhere near big enough, is only one-time — and what’s more…

“We’re not gonna call it a Walz check.  It is not Governor Walz’s money.  It’s the people’s money.  It’s the taxpayers’ money.”

The governor says about Republicans’ plan:

“I am not at all interested in giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Minnesotans.  I’m not at all interested in hiding this idea that that would somehow help the middle class.”

Miller says Republicans want middle-class tax cuts plus targeted relief for low-income Minnesotans.  Walz says their plan to totally eliminate state income tax on Social Security will benefit mainly the wealthy.