Governor Tim Walz today announced a $5.1 billion plan to support Minnesota children and families. Walz’s proposal would expand pre-kindergarten throughout the state for 23,000 kids. The plan also calls for a Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance program…

“Families shouldn’t have to choose with being home with a sick child, or being able to be there on leave the birth of their child to spend those incredible first weeks and months of bonding together.”

The plan would invest an additional two percent on the general education formula and reduce cross-subsidies for special education and English language learners. And the governor’s proposal aims to feed the state’s hungry students and prioritize mental health and the well-being of the state’s students.

In response to the Governor’s proposal, Republican Senator Roger Chamberlain who chairs the K-12 Education Committee says “throwing more money into schools without addressing literacy and allowing kids and educators to catch up is the wrong direction.”