Republicans say they got the Walz administration to back away from a plan that would have eliminated tougher sentences for those who commit crimes while on probation — and will be watching to make sure they don’t try it again.  But the governor’s corrections commissioner, Paul Schnell says:

“I’m troubled that some legislator-testifiers appear to have taken advantage of victims’ righteous anger to create confusion.”

But Sentencing Guidelines Commission member Michelle Larkin says the proposal was not consistent with public safety and didn’t have community support:

“I think that’s the frustration we’re hearing from the public, and we shouldn’t dismiss that and say, well, trust us, we’ve got the data — you just don’t know the data.”

Some Republican lawmakers are talking about reining-in the Commission’s power over sentencing guidelines.  That would likely see stiff opposition from Democrats who contend decisions about guidelines on criminal sentencing should be divorced from politics.