The state’s Sentencing Guidelines Commission votes this afternoon (1pm start) on changes that opponents warn will eliminate tougher sentences for those who commit crimes while on probation.  At a mid-December hearing, Republican Representative Anne Neu (NOO) Brindley from North Branch said Minnesotans are tired of a “complete attitude of lawlessness that we seem to be forced to just tolerate”:

“They are tired of carjackings, of catalytic converter thefts, of shootings, of smash-and-grabs in our stores.”

But Lars Negstad with ISAIAH supports the change and told the Commission that current policies are overly harsh:

“Result in needless pain and suffering, not only for people who may have committed offenses, but also for their families, loved ones and communities.”

If the Sentencing Guidelines Commission approves the changes, Republicans will likely try to override them in the upcoming legislation session — but expect resistance from Democrats who control the Minnesota House.