The nation is closing out its slowest year of population growth (0.1 percent) since the republic was founded — and Minnesota mirrored that with a net population increase of only 225 people in 2021, versus about 35-thousand in a typical year.   State Demographer Susan Brower says births were somewhat less than usual, at 63-thousand,  but deaths were a lot higher at 54 thousand — 25-percent over the 10-year average:

“That has to do in part with the fact that we are getting older (state’s average age), but of course the primary reason why it increased so much was because of the pandemic.”

Net international migration was about one-third the usual at four thousand.  And 13-thousand people — about four times the typical number — left Minnesota for other states:

“All of these things together — births, deaths and migration — are not really working in our favor, and are really dragging those growth numbers down.”

Brower says the long-term trend in Minnesota is slower population growth, but COVID has accentuated that.