Officials say hospitals are at capacity in south-central Minnesota and over 90 percent of their COVID patients are unvaccinated. Eric Weller with the South Central Healthcare Coalition:
“Vaccinations will not prevent you from getting this virus, but it will hopefully lessen the impact and your recovery time.”
Weller says when it comes to the Omicron variant, there’s still plenty of unknowns.
“We don’t know if it hits some groups. Initially it kinda looks like it’s hitting maybe the middle-aged.”
Weller says the goal is a case-positive rate below five percent. Statewide that number is about 11 percent, but in southern Minnesota it’s around 14 percent.

Weller suggests with holiday gatherings coming up…
“I would encourage people to really look at if you have unvaccinated (people), who’s coming, who’s going — especially if you’ve got older people, immuno-compromised.”