MN-DOT Assistant District Engineer Scott Morgan in Mankato says crews pre-treated roads so any compacted snow can be peeled off more easily.  He advises drivers to put away any distractions:

“Stay alert for the snowplows.  Give them some extra room….  Give other cars some distance also.  It’s a little harder to control your vehicle and stop in these kind of conditions.  And slow down to a safer speed.”

Morgan says allow extra time to get to your destination, be patient with other people, and turn off that cruise control.

Morgan says is a good resource to check road conditions before you set out on your trip:

“We have a number of live — or, almost live — plowcam images out there that they can see the road that they’re going to be driving on and know exactly what that looks like, and what the plow truck operators are seeing.”

Morgan in Mankato encourages everyone to start their trip a little sooner and take their time, as people “re-learn” winter driving:

“We tend to have a number of accidents as people learning to drive, and they just don’t get slowed down in some of these first snows and they get out and drive too fast for the conditions, and of course that’s where we have our accidents and problems.”