In a statement clearly directed at Republicans, Governor Tim Walz says the state will invest in the middle class and working families, lend a hand to those who haven’t recovered, and reduce the burden on small businesses — but Walz says he’s “not interested in a tax cut for the one-percent of the one-percent.”  He says Minnesotans need help with child care expenses, high utility bills, and the cost of health care:

“Making sure that we’re lowering the cost of health care for *all* — not just some that buy on the private market, not just through give-backs to the insurance companies, but a real fundamental shift in how we do that.”

The governor is re-drawing clear battle lines with Republicans — again proposing that all Minnesotans be allowed to buy health insurance through state-run MinnesotaCare, and taking issue with so-called “reinsurance” — a program Republicans have strongly supported.

Walz says about the historic budget surplus:

“Now we’ve got a remarkable opportunity.  We’ve got a remarkable opportunity to expand economic opportunity for all Minnesotans, and move Minnesota forward in a meaningful and lasting way.”