Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) released their budget forecast today, showing a projected $7.7 billion positive fund balance. Rep. Luke Frederick (DFL – Mankato) released this statement:


“This historic forecast gives us an opportunity to take advantage of our strengthening economy by investing in important priorities. Now the budget numbers have been released and it’s time to make decisions to strengthen our middle class, help those most affected by COVID-19 and pave the way for increased economic growth for all Minnesotans.


“We also will push for a robust bonding bill. Mankato has several requests to improve our regional community. Among several clean water projects, I support the Mankato water treatment plant which the City of Lake Crystal is looking to tie into. I will also push for investments at MSU to provide students with a state-of-the-art learning experience.


“I’m ready to get to work to make Minnesota the best place to live and thrive.”