Flags are flying at half-staff across Minnesota today (Tues) for two reasons:

FDR:   “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.”

…President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asking Congress for a Declaration of War after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor — 80 years ago today (Tues)  —  which brought the U-S into World War Two.  Flags are also at half staff in honor of former Senator Bob Dole, a World War Two veteran who died Sunday at the age of 98.  In northern Italy in 1945, Dole was hit by a shell fragment as he charged a German position.  The young Army platoon leader suffered two crushed vertebrae and his arms and legs were paralyzed.  Dole spent three years in the hospital and never regained the use of his right hand.  He received two Purple Hearts for valor.

Dole served for 27 years as a U-S Senator from Kansas and was the Republican Party’s candidate for president in 1996, losing to President Bill Clinton who won re-election.  Dole was President Gerald Ford’s vice-presidential running mate in 1976 when Ford lost to Jimmy Carter.