Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm signaled today (Tues) if the federal government does not expand COVID booster-shot eligibility this week to everyone over age 18, the state will do it on its own.   Malcolm says they’re optimistic the federal announcement will come…

“However I would say that, given the very serious circumstances we’re (in) here in Minnesota, we’ve been communicating with our federal partners that we’re preparing to move ahead independently this week to expand booster eligibility, if there is no action at the federal level — which we definitely hope there will be this week.”

Malcolm’s statement comes as officials warned that Minnesota is now the fastest-growing COVID hot-spot in the nation, and availability of staffed hospital beds is “extremely tight.”


“We are concerned enough about the surge and… breakthrough cases are growing — not unexpectedly — and the data are so compelling on the value of boosters to increase that level of protection, that we think it’s quite urgent to move.”