11/12/21 Entertainment News

— A ninth person is dead from injuries sustained at a Southeast Texas music festival. The family of Bharti Shahani  says the 22-year-old passed away Wednesday night at a Houston hospital a couple days after she was declared brain dead. She was with her sister and cousin at Astroworld last Friday when a crowd surged toward the stage. Shahani was supposed to graduate from Texas A&M next spring.

— Today is a big day for Britney Spears. That’s because there is a court hearing scheduled later today to determine if her conservatorship should end after 13 years. This comes after Spears testified in court saying the legal guardianship is abusive. Spears’ father Jamie, who was in charge of her conservatorship until recently, also filed paperwork asking the court to release his daughter. Jamie’s request came after Britney said she wanted to press charges against her family for the role they played in the conservatorship. Spears asked to be released without a medical evaluation, but it’s unclear if the court will respect the request.

— The inspiration behind the “Dolphin Tale” movies, Winter the dolphin, is dead. Winter passed away last night at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida. She died as she was being prepped for exploratory surgery for an intestinal blockage. Winter was 16-years-old.

— Paris Hilton is married. She and Carter Reum tied the knot on Thursday in Los Angeles. The couple got engaged in February, after two years of dating. While this was Hilton’s first marriage, it was her fourth engagement.

— Lady Gaga is opening up about her time working on “House of Gucci.” Speaking to The New York Times, she said she has never had a better experience working with a director than she did working with Ridley Scott. She said Scott loves artists which she noted some directors don’t. In the film, Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani, who plots the death of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci. Gaga said Scott helped her feel empowered as a woman as she played the woman who married into the Gucci fashion empire. “House of Gucci” comes out later this month.

— The 1960s television series “The Champions” is going to become a movie. Ben Stiller and Cate Blanchett will star in the film, with Stiller also serving as the director. The show followed three United Nations agents whose plane crashed in the Himalayas. After being rescued by an advanced civilization, they gain enhanced intellectual and physical abilities they use to fight crime.

— The volleyball named “Wilson” from the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away” has sold at auction for about 300-thousand dollars. Hanks was nominated for an Oscar for his role as a lone survivor on a deserted island. In the film, he famously makes a Wilson volleyball his only friend on the island. This week, the iconic prop was sold at a London auction for 308-thousand dollars. Also sold at the movie memorabilia auction was Will Ferrell’s elf outfit from the movie “Elf,” which sold for 235-thousand dollars.