A top political analyst suggests there are ways school districts can maintain order at tense public meetings, without resorting to rules that some say intimidate citizens or squelch free speech.  Hamline University Professor David Schultz says officials should consider whether they can come up with clearly-stated policies, which are then made known to the public:

“People get emotional, sometimes maybe they don’t choose their words correctly, but reasonable measures in terms of saying that offensive language, calling people names, …using four-letter words — if you do that, these are the consequences of what’s gonna happen.”

And Schultz says “it may be an unfortunate reality now” that school boards might have to be thinking about having security measures in place.

Schultz says school districts have to balance a couple different considerations:

“One is a legitimate reason by school boards with a precious amount of time to give priority to their residents first, at the same time making sure that there isn’t an intimidation factor.”