St. Peter residents will go to the polls next Tuesday to decide on the funding of a new fire station. St. Peter city manager Todd Prafke says a new fire station will be built but voters will decide how it will be financed.

“The city council has decided to build a new fire station,” said Prafke. “But voters will decide will it be financed through property taxes or through sales taxes.”

Prafke says there are many reasons for the city to replace its current nearly century-old fire station.

“The building is in good shape,” said Prafke. “But it’s outgrown its usefulness for modern firefighters. There’s no training room, decontamination and the trucks need to be parked bumper to bumper to fit instead the building.”

Prafke says the need for decontamination space is paramount to him to make sure the city’s volunteer fire fighters can do their jobs as safely as possible.