The Minnesota Senate Bonding Committee made several stops in the area yesterday, including one in Mankato. Capital Investment Committee Chairman Tom Bakk  says in 2020, the legislature for the first time cracked the billion-dollar mark on a bonding bill — nearly double that at 1.9 billion:

“There was kind of this artificial ceiling of a billion (dollars): We can’t go over it, we can’t go over it. Well, we finally went over it in 2020, so now that we’ve broke through that, I think we’ll be able to get a bill something north of a billion dollars,” said Bakk.

Bakk says he’d be “really happy” if the legislature passes a bonding bill the size of 2020’s recording-breaking 1.9 billion dollars — but says much depends on what Republicans in the Minnesota House are willing to go along with. Mankato city officials formally requested 20 million dollars for the city’s Water Resource Recovery Facility and Minnesota State officials requested seven million dollars for the first phase of the renovation of Armstrong Hall during yesterday’s gathering.