10/26/21 Entertainment News

— The assistant director who handed the prop gun to Alec Baldwin last week before a fatal shooting was previously fired from a movie for a gun incident. CNN reports Dave Halls was working on the film “Freedom’s Path” in 2019 when a gun “unexpectedly discharged,” injuring a sound crew member and halting production of the movie. The company says Halls was removed from the set after that incident and was fired. They added he was remorseful for what happened and understood why he was terminated. It comes days after “Rust” photography director Halyna Hutchins was killed, and film director Joel Souza was hurt in a shooting during production in New Mexico.

— A new petition is calling on Alec Baldwin to use his influence to push for a ban of real guns on movie sets. The effort was started by filmmaker Bandar Albuliwi, know for his movie “Peace After Marriage.” Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died on set during an accidental shooting last week in New Mexico. Baldwin was handling a prop gun when it discharged, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. Albuliwi writes, “Real guns are no longer needed on film production sets.” He explained things must change before more people die.

— A good-hearted tourist is being credited with returning a credit card Harrison Ford lost while in Italy. The “Indiana Jones” actor said he lost the card while visiting Mondello, a beach town on the Italian island of Sicily. But police say a tourist found the card and handed it over to them, who then returned it to Ford. Ford is in Sicily filming scenes for the fifth installment of the famous “Indiana Jones” series.

— Comedian Dave Chappelle is finally speaking out about his controversial stand up special “The Closer.” During his show in Nashville over the weekend, Chappelle remained unapologetic saying, “I said what I said.” He made it a point to clarify he is willing to meet with members of the LGBTQ community, as many have called his special transphobic. Netflix employees have been protesting for more inclusive working conditions because that’s where audiences can watch “The Closer.” Chappelle joked he’s the only one not allowed in their offices. He said he would meet with members of the transgender community on a few conditions. First, they have to watch his special from beginning to end and they can only meet on his terms, as he will not be summoned.

— Britney Spears wants justice. She took to Instagram on Monday to say her family has hurt her deeper than anyone will ever know. She slammed her family for only being available to her when it’s convenient for them. Now, she says she doesn’t mind being alone and is cutting people out of her life who are rude to her. Spears said while she knows her conservatorship is coming to an end, she still wants justice.

— Paul McCartney is not one for autographs. The legendary Beatle mocked them in an interview with Reader’s Digest as he asked, “Why? We both know who I am.” He explained he would rather talk with someone and “exchange stories.” Fellow Beatle Ringo Starr has taken a similar stance. He announced more than a decade ago that he couldn’t justify signing items.

— New details are emerging about Trevor Moore’s death. People reports the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner said the comedian died from blunt force trauma to the head. His death was also ruled accidental. This comes after TMZ reported he appeared to fall off the balcony at his Los Angeles area home in early August. He was 41.

— A new Jonas Brothers comedy special is coming to Netflix. It’s called Jonas Brothers Family Roast. They promise to “get under each other’s skin.” The special will have many things including sketches, songs, and games. Kenan Thompson will be the host. It premieres on November 23rd.