After a 12th meeting today (Wed), over a month past the target deadline, Democrats and Republicans still can’t agree on *which* front-line workers in Minnesota will receive COVID bonuses.  Republican Senator Karin Housley from Stillwater suggested the working group send *both* proposals forward and let the legislature decide, because front-line workers are waiting:

“Those nurses and those long term caregivers, they knew they were walking into it and still went — and they’re still going.”

House Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler responded there are options for the working group to reach agreement…

“But I will tell you that, based on conversations (by Senate Republicans) about (ousting) Commissioner Malcolm and the governor’s additional interest in COVID protections and other topics, if our working group cannot reach agreement on this here, amongst us, it won’t happen.”)

Governor Tim Walz says he will not call a special session if Senate Republicans continue threatening to oust his Health Commissioner, Jan Malcolm.