Governor Tim Walz has received good response to his push for COVID testing programs in Minnesota’s public schools, with over 85 percent applying for grants from the state.   But his proposal to require testing and vaccinations for teachers and staff is meeting strong resistance from Republicans.  Walz’s education commissioner, Doctor Heather Mueller says:

“The Department of Health and the C-D-C have recommended required layered mitigation strategies that are inclusive of testing and vaccines and masks and quarantine.   But as for requiring it from the state level, I know that that’s a conversation that the governor is having with the legislature.”

A planned special session for front-line worker COVID bonuses is stalemated because of other issues both sides have put in the mix:  Not only Walz’s proposed vaccination mandate, but also Republicans’ push to rein in the governor’s executive powers if there’s another COVID emergency — plus G-O-P threats to oust state Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm.