A conservative group has launched a website centered on education standards in Minnesota schools. Bill Walsh with the Center for the American Experiment says a key element of IlluminEDMN.com is the ability for parents to share concerns and questions with one another.

“Knowing you’re not the only parent concerned about what came home in the backpack that day, is a benefit. Then also being able to find resources to explain what’s going on, what are the motives behind it. And then how to deal with it.”

Walsh says the site also provides insight on the best ways to raise concerns about classroom standards and curriculum in respectful and effective ways.

Walsh says they hope the site gives parents not just an outlet, but also a blueprint for advocating for their child’s education.

“A lot about working through the chain of command. Talk to the teacher first. Get the explanation of what is going on in that classroom. And that’s where it starts. And if you’re not satisfied, talk to a principal, a superintendent, staff, kind of work your way through it. And then you have elected school board members.”