Governor Tim Walz is asking Senate Republicans, what’s your plan? — after they gave thumbs-down to requiring COVID vaccinations and testing for teachers, school staff, and workers in long term care facilities:

“They were very clear:  They want to be a co-equal branch.  Then do your work.  Then do your work.  We need these tools.”

Senate Republican leaders did not respond to a request for comment.  Majority Leader Jeremy Miller said Tuesday the governor’s “growing list of requests… is not productive” toward approving COVID bonuses for front-line workers in a timely manner.   Among Walz’s requests:

“I’m just asking them (to) put it into statute for now, through the legislature, to allow a nurse or a doctor who might be in Sioux Falls to come across (the border) and work in Worthington.”


“I remind you:  We have children in I-C-U because they caught COVID.  They got that from someone.  It’s not their fault, but each of us can do something to alleviate that.”