Top Democrats and union workers today (noon) renew their push at the Capitol for COVID bonuses for front line workers, saying Republicans are holding things up by threatening to oust state Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm.  Representative Cedrick Frazier from New Hope:

“For me it’s troubling that we would want to remove the leadership that has helped guide us through this public health crisis, at a time when we’re still seeing surges.”

Senate Republicans say they’ve heard serious concerns about Malcolm from constituents.  They say the Health Department without the legislature’s approval rolled out a smartphone app (Docket) giving Minnesotans access to their vaccination records — which they worry could become a “vaccine passport.”  Malcolm and Governor Tim Walz respond the app is absolutely voluntary.

Governor Tim Walz said in mid-September:

“I want to get this other work done, but I’m not going to lose the top health official in the State of Minnesota.”