Republicans’ proposal for a 12-hundred-dollar bonus has not broken the stalemate at the Minnesota Capitol over COVID pay for front-line workers.  Senator Karin Housley contends the available 250 million dollars allows meaningful bonuses for only nurses, first responders, corrections officers, long-term care workers and hospice providers:

“This bonus shows our gratitude to these critical-care workers, who put themselves most at risk to keep the rest of us safe and healthy.”

Democrats say a much broader group of essential workers were at-risk from COVID.  Downtown Minneapolis janitor Troy Bowman agrees, saying he didn’t have the option to work from home:

“Over a thousand people coming in and out of a store….  We didn’t know where the pandemic was coming from.  It was in the air, they told us.”

Democrats want more money set aside for COVID bonuses.  Republicans respond there’s no way of guaranteeing how much will be available and lawmakers can’t “bait and switch” with front-line workers.